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Top quality Horse, Pony, Alpaca, Sheep & Cattle fodder

9 Range Rd, Gruyere. PH: +61 3 5964 9255 Rob: +61 408 175 136. Daniel: +61 417 331 781.

Email: rob& or 


Oaten hay just mown - Steddan Park, Tocumwal.


23rd June 2017 



EFTPOS facilities now available. - 1.5% surcharge on credit card purchases.

 EFTPOS payment is only available onsite at our shed.

Thank you. 


Pasture Improvement "Pays"

Pasture Renovation - Pasture improvement does pay.

For help developing your paddocks to produce a good quality high rainfall pasture blend of Rye & Clover or Oaten crop call us for a quote.

These paddocks are ideal for rotation and act as a weed breaker crop for Autumn permanent pasture establishment.

There is a soil test service available.  


Vineyards- How to conserve moisture

Mulching Barley and Pea Straw available in rolls and small squares.

Theser are ideal for laying along vineyard rows.



If you want your hay or freight carted we'll do it on time and safely,

just give us a call - Rob: 0408 175 136 or Daniel: 0417 331 781

If you need your hay delivered ask for a price, we are very resonable.

This Month's Special!!

Grass Hay big round 5x4 net wrapped bales, good weight, good value - $55

Rye & Clover -  $13.50 

Grass Hay small squares just $9.75


Products Available

Small Squares

1st Quality Lucerne Hay, 2nd Lucerne Hay, Tricala Sub Clover, Rye & Clover, Oaten Hay, Meadow Hay - Yarra Valley, Grass Hay - Yarra Valley, Barley Straw, Pea Straw.

Large Squares

Lucerne, Clover & Rye, Oaten Hay

Round Bales

Good Quality Grass Hay Roll (5x4 Triple net wrapped), Meadow Hay, Mulching Hay -(2nd Grade Grass Hay), Lucerne, Sub - Clover Rolls , Silage Rolls, Oaten Rolls


Oaten Chaff, Lucerne Chaff, Molo Mix



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