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Top quality Horse, Pony, Alpaca, Sheep & Cattle fodder

9 Range Rd, Gruyere. PH: +61 3 5964 9255 Rob: +61 408 175 136. Daniel: +61 417 331 781.

Email: rob& or 


Oaten hay just mown - Stedan Park, Tocumwal.


27th September 2017 



EFTPOS facilities now available. - 1.5% surcharge on credit card purchases.

 EFTPOS payment is only available onsite at our shed.

Thank you. 


Pasture Improvement "Pays"

Pasture Renovation - Pasture improvement does pay.

For help developing your paddocks to produce a good quality high rainfall pasture blend of Rye & Clover or Oaten crop call us for a quote.

These paddocks are ideal for rotation and act as a weed breaker crop for Autumn permanent pasture establishment.

There is a soil test service available.  


Vineyards- How to conserve moisture

Mulching Barley and Pea Straw available in rolls and small squares.

Theser are ideal for laying along vineyard rows.


It's time to lock your paddocks up & harrow and spray them for weeds.




If you want your hay or freight carted we'll do it on time and safely,

just give us a call - Rob: 0408 175 136 or Daniel: 0417 331 781

If you need your hay delivered ask for a price, we are very resonable.

This Month's Special!!

Grass Hay big round 5x4 net wrapped bales, good weight, good value - $55

Lucerne - round bales- $95

Rye & Clover - Small squares $13.50 each

Good quality grass hay $11.75

Lucerne Hay, small squares just $12.95

Pea Straw, small squares - $8.50



Products Available

Small Squares

1st Quality Lucerne Hay, 2nd Lucerne Hay, Tricala Sub Clover, Rye & Clover, Oaten Hay, Meadow Hay - Yarra Valley, Grass Hay - Yarra Valley, Barley Straw, Pea Straw.

Large Squares

Lucerne, Clover & Rye, Oaten Hay

Round Bales

Good Quality Grass Hay Roll (5x4 Triple net wrapped), Meadow Hay, Mulching Hay -(2nd Grade Grass Hay), Lucerne, Sub - Clover Rolls , Silage Rolls, Oaten Rolls


Oaten Chaff, Lucerne Chaff, Molo Mix



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